Simon P Weight Loss Success Story

Like most people who have been overweight for their whole lives (and I was – when I was going to primary school as a 5-year-old, my mother remembers getting told off for allowing me to get so fat), losing weight has always been a goal. Indeed, like most, I’ve done my fair share of exercising, dieting, buying equipment and other things to try and lose weight. None of them worked.

After the growing popularity of the 5:2 diet, and VLCDs in general, I could see (and believe) the effects that could be had.

That was one thing – S&S is a regime (not just a product) that actually works and is not a fad diet.

But, I also knew that putting me in the kitchen in an unsupervised manner would lead to another failed attempt. Anything I do had to remove the possibility of cheating the regime. This is the second thing – the simplicity plan would strictly control my access to food as everything is ready – I just had to add water and bung it in the microwave. This is also the reason why I chose the simplicity plan over the lifestyle plan.

Nine weeks later and the results are visible – 22kg lost and being a ‘normal’ BMI for (more than likely) the first time in my life.

S&S will now always be part of my continuing maintenance regime as I’ll try to keep a healthy weight and a healthy approach to food.

I can’t thank S&S and their excellent support staff enough, and I would whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and safely.

Simon P