Sophie C Weight Loss Success Story

Before starting Slim and Save I had always struggled with my weight, often yo yo dieting, attempting to lose weight but always going back to old habits. I was often tired and sluggish, eating so much of the wrong things and unable to use moderation with anything I ate. I found Slim and Save completely by accident just researching diets I could do. Initially I tried another VLCD but I couldn’t stomach any of the packs they were just vile so finding Slim and Save I wondered if I should stay clear. However, against my initial reservations I ordered my first batch on the website. When my packs arrived I felt worried I would fall off the wagon quickly, but I told myself I need to do it to be happier in myself.

My first week on plan flew by and I felt so amazed by how great the meals tasted, out of the selection I can say I only really disliked one pack but overall the whole diet is so tasty! I loved how I could add my own spices as I’m a girl who has grown up on quite flavoursome spiced foods- the diet actually tasted like anything I could have cooked up fresh!

Weeks and months flew by and I realised I was so focused and into the diet it became easy- I was feeling more and more energy each day and feeling so good inside and out. People began noticing the difference and that’s when I began to fully believe this plan WORKS! I stuck to Simplicity religiously for 4 months and then switched to Lifestyle. I can say Slim and Save have permanently changed my attitude to food and lifestyle. I feel so much more positive about life and see the importance of taking care of my body and what I put into it!

I would not have been able to achieve this having not being on this diet, and I absolutely swear by Slim and Save as a great way to lose weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle- I didn’t believe I could do it and I have … if I can You can.

Change your life – You are worth it x

Sophie C