Sue Parnwell Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, my name is Sue Parnwell and I am 53 years old. I hit the menopause 18 months ago, and during that time I reached an all time high of 11 stone which put me in the overweight bracket. I tried every diet going, but none seemed to work, in fact I was still gaining weight and my lower body continued to thicken.

I had a holiday booked for less than 5 weeks and I was desperately unhappy. A friend recommended Slim &Save, and after seeing her weight loss I thought I would give it a go as a short term pre-holiday fix. I ordered the packs and started my journey on the 14th August 2017. Four weeks later I had lost an amazing 14lbs! On returning home I decided to continue my Slim &Save journey and reset my original goals.

On 28th November 2017 I reached my new goal weight of 9 stone. I have lost 2 stone with 29 inches lost overall and I am in a size 8 clothing.

I cannot recommend this plan highly enough. No calorie counting, the packs are tasty and very reasonably priced and the support is second to none, but most importantly IT WORKS. Not only have I lost weight, it has also taught me to change my eating habits. I have decided to stay with Slim &Save and carry on maintaining with the 5:2 plan.

My confidence has returned and I feel fabulous.

Thank you Slim &Save!

Sue Parnwell