Suzanne Marshall Weight Loss Success Story

My weight has always fluctuated a little but just a dress size at the most but then I met my husband 7 years ago and we settled into a lovely routine of nice dinners and night in front of the tv with munchies and a few drinks. The weight crept on so slowly that I didn’t even really notice and must’ve been in denial as I bought ever larger sized clothes. Two years later when I turned 40 I lost 3 stone as I was determined not to go on at that size any longer but that too soon crept back on and more too!

Two years ago at Christmas my lovely husband proposed and as we started to plan the wedding and I thought about the style of dress that I would like that was the final kick I needed – I was determined not be a size 20 bride! I’d seen Slim & Save mentioned on a wedding group on Facebook so decided to investigate a little more, I’d tried Lighter Life but it was expensive, I hated the classes you had to go to and didn’t like the taste of most of the packs so decided this was worth a try.

I followed the Simplicity Plan as I am an all or nothing person so love the control of not having to deal with food at all and after the first week (few cheats and struggling to get the willpower to kick in) I fell into a nice routine. I did have time off diet for some special occasions and a week in New York but each time with the wedding as my goal I would just get back on the diet as soon as I could and kept watching the weight come down.

In 11 months I lost 91lbs, 6.5stone and was only 7lbs away from my target when we got married. Even now I am amazed looking at our wedding pictures and how I look in them, not just the weight loss but my skin and most importantly my confidence shines through.

Our relationship has improved as I am more confident and relaxed, my work can be quite physical and I find everything a little easier than before and I even love clothes shopping now, which I didn’t before – things have improved so much that I have moved the goal posts and now plan to lose a little more weight and see how that works out. I allowed a little weight to creep on over the wedding and honeymoon so want that off and more so I can be at a weight where I feel good, happy with how I look but that is maintainable, so I can be conscious of but not constantly thinking about my weight.

Having something as huge as a wedding is a massive incentive to stick to the diet but it can still be really difficult. My biggest tips are to get into a routine where possible:

    • I had a litre bottle of water that I filled 3 times a day and had one morning, afternoon and early evening (doesn’t seem so much when you break it down like that).
    • try to eat at the same time each day with packs evenly spaced to stave off any hunger.
    • if you need to be out for the day, plan in advance and take a shake or bar with you.
    • if do find yourself cheating just think of how you want to look on your wedding day, don’t beat yourself up about it, put it behind you and start again.

It is sooo worth it!!

Suzanne Marshall