Suzy Clark Weight Loss Success Story

My weight for much of my teenage and young adult years was attributed to ‘puppy fat’ by well-meaning relatives. Well, I’m definitely no longer a puppy! Eating out and overindulging in unhealthy food, takeaways, cocktails and wine became the norm and as my husband can eat and drink what he wants and not put weight on, I just went along with him and piled on the pounds. I decided enough was enough after some hurtful comments at work.

I know people who had done VLCD’s before and knew the basics. Slim & Save was recommended to me by a family member who had done it, so I researched it and found the selection of products and the price was much better than the competitors.

I decided to do the Lifestyle plan so I could still prepare and eat a meal with my husband each evening and even eat out if I wanted to, sticking to the guidelines of the plan. I loved receiving my orders and sorting all my packs and meals out and took full advantage of the meal planner tool.

I’m very focussed on the numbers on the scales so set my first target of losing five stone, with little mini goals in between. I discovered I was quite a slow loser on the plan, but the support from the admins and the social media pages made me realise that I wasn’t alone in this and everyone is different in the speed of their weight loss. It’s a journey and not a sprint after all!

Once I reached my five stone loss goal, I decided to lose a bit more and have now achieved my target!
It’s not been easy, and there have been ups and downs, but the support from SNS and others on the plan has been phenomenal. I have even convinced two family members and two friends to try the plan as they are so impressed with my success and determination!

I am determined to maintain my weight loss this time. Slim & Save provided me with a maintenance plan to get me started on my maintenance journey. I know the plan is still there if I need it and am starting my maintenance with a 4:3 plan still using the shakes on the fast days as they are so tasty!

I would recommend the plan to anyone. You need to be focussed and committed, but it is worth it in the end!

Suzy Clark