Suzy Clark Weight Loss Success Story

My weight for much of my teenage and young adult years was attributed to ‘puppy fat’ by well-meaning relatives. Well, I’m definitely no longer a puppy! Eating out and overindulging in unhealthy food, takeaways, cocktails and wine became the norm and as my husband can eat and drink what he wants and not put weight on, I just went along with him and piled on the pounds. I decided enough was enough after some hurtful comments at work.

I know people who had done VLCD’s before and knew the basics. Slim & Save was recommended to me by a family member who had done it, so I researched it and found the selection of products and the price was much better than the competitors.

I decided to do the Lifestyle plan so I could still prepare and eat a meal with my husband each evening and even eat out if I wanted to, sticking to the guidelines of the plan. I loved receiving my orders and sorting all my packs and meals out and took full advantage of the meal planner tool.