Tommy Grierson Weight Loss Success Story

I had known I was overweight for some years, and I led a more sedentary lifestyle both at work and leisure compared to what I did as a younger man.

I was aware that it was not good for my health as I was suffering from a number of medical conditions that were likely to have been caused/exacerbated by being in the severely obese BMI category. These conditions include severe obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, high cholesterol & latterly a blood sugar test result (HbA1c of 49) that put me in the Type 2 diabetic range.

My GP wanted to put me on medication for the Type 2 Diabetes. I advised him that I would try to lose weight first and though he appeared somewhat sceptical, he said he would redo the blood test in a couple of months and then see if I should go on the meds. More on this later…

I left the doctors weighing 19st 4lb. I was honestly shocked (which is quite something for a rough, tough plasterer now a construction HS manager). I even asked the GP had they been calibrated!

I went straight home and found my own scales, put new batteries in and stepped on. I was shocked earlier not now I was despondent — 19st 4lb bang on. So much for getting a more agreeable second opinion. The despondency was soon replaced by a determination that I knew I had, as 30 or so years ago I used to run half marathons and marathons, getting qualifications and getting off the tools.

Now I, and I guess most people, know how to lose weight but now a big urgent light went on in me, and I had to sort this. I went out and shopping and bought the veg, protein, virtually quit bread and potatoes and snacks.

I had seen Very Low-Calorie Diets’ on TV and decided to research them online. It was then that I discovered the Slim and Save diet and compared it to others. I decided on this primarily because of what I read, but to be true, the cost was very appealing. After circa 17 days since my GP visit, I had lost 8.5lb, and my S&S package arrived. Little did I know what a game-changer this was!

I joined the Facebook groups; this is a fantastic resource as everyone is so informative and supportive. Any queries are promptly answered by Admin and what was educational for me was the questions asked and tips given by others.

I told colleagues at work who I have only known for a few weeks what I was doing (I was the new boy). They were keen to hear of this diet, and a couple told me that this was not going to work and would make me ill. One colleague who has become a good mate even told me it was no good as he sat there eating a sausage dinner at 10 am. My partner, Claire and my family, were fully behind me, so in essence, I had 24hr encouragement.

Four weeks to the day after the GP appointment, I was weighed there again, and I had lost 10kg. This time the doctor double-checked the scales?

Four weeks later again after my blood sugars being a HbA1c of 49, I had the test done again, this time it was 34, which is well within the ‘normal’ range. My cholesterol was now 3.4 (I can’t remember what it was but a year or so ago they were contemplating putting me statins). Blood pressure was the best it’s been for years too. Sleep apnoea still here I guess, but I only see sleep clinic every two years or so unless I call them.

I can honestly say I stuck to the Simplicity Plus then Simplicity plans 100% even on my 52nd birthday in May. I used the meal planner every day. I always had the 200g veg allowance, Hartley’s Sugar-Free sachets and Fage. My new nightcap was Bovril. I even quit caffeine as getting my water target was more important to me than my usual half a dozen or more cuppas a day.

I had a planned break at week nine for week’s holiday in Lanzarote. I don’t drink alcohol (been there done that), and so this was not a problem. I was surprised at how much I ate being off-plan. I weighed myself when I got home and had put on 4.5lbs. Not too bad I thought. I got right back on the diet, and a week later, I had lost 6lbs. Nailed it!

In the 15 weeks (inc my week’s holiday) that I have been on S&S, I have lost 66lb. This, I am proud to say, means according to the BMI chart, I am officially overweight, and after a couple of decades being obese/severely obese, I couldn’t be happier ?. My BMI was 40 when I started Sns now it is 29.9.

One week I was disappointed with the loss of 1.25lb but stuck with it and lost 4.75 the next. The ‘swoosh’ is real!

So, the tale of the tape; 15 weeks…

  • 66lb lost (plus 8.5lb just before starting Slim and Save = 74.5lb in total)
  • Blood sugars well within ‘Normal’
  • Blood pressure ‘Normal’
  • Cholesterol ‘Normal’
  • Energy right up. I think nothing of tackling 13 floors of stairs on site,/li>
  • BMI dropped by 10 points
  • 41 inches lost with 9.5 inches from my waist alone
  • Clothes hanging off me

My colleagues are amazed at my ‘stickability’. My partner and family are proud as am I. My daughter never saw me for about a month recently due to our holidays overlapping. She said it felt strange as it was like being with a different dad.

So what now. I have a couple more holidays coming up, one to Germany with mates to watch Everton then Malaga way with Claire. I decided I am happy with my over 5st loss and I am currently on day three of a ten-day refeed. I then intend to explore the SnS 5:2 plan. my main aim at this stage is to maintain my progress, start exercising more and getting another wardrobe.

So, to close, from never having heard of Slim And Save I have become a staunch advocate of the diet. There is not a pack item that I dislike, and the all-round support is absolutely vital as is using the meal planner every day.

For now, I couldn’t be happier. I’m even wanting to get weighed again at my GP\’s to blow them away!

Who knows I may decide to drop a bit more, but as my partner says, I know what I’m doing with Slim and Save.

My top tip. Chose manageable, incremental weight goals. Mine always was in the next stone bracket down. It worked for me. If I set myself a target of over 5 stone to lose, I may not have had the heart to start off, especially as at that stage, I didn’t realize the effectiveness of this VLCD.

Good luck and thanks all xx