Tony C Weight Loss Success Story

Four months ago I had some pictures taken at a festival and wow! What a shock. I couldn’t believe that the photo was me! I just thought that because I was the wrong side of 50 that it was normal to be out of breath climbing the stairs and doing up my shoelaces. Time for a change!

Previous visits to the doctors were not very helpful as they just kept telling me that all I needed to do was 20 mins of exercise a day, difficult when I was a long distance lorry driver working 15-16 hour days and having no energy.

The research was done, and I opted for the Slim and Save Simplicity Plan. The first five days were the hardest, but I gave it 110% and could not believe the results, a stone in the first week!! After four months I have lost five stone.

I loved having the shakes in the day and a meal at night (Thai soup with grilled mushrooms I loved!) and then a decaf coffee and a bar a bit later. I never felt hungry, which was great and I wanted to get out and walk the hills where we live. Going into a shop and having a choice of sizes is amazing too!! My journey is still ongoing so let’s see what the future brings. Thanks also to all the help and advice from the Slim and Save team, oh and my partner ( she has lost two stone too!!)

Tony C