Vanessa H Weight Loss Success Story

I’ve always struggled with my weight slipping up and down scales all my life. Four years ago, I went through a divorce which sent me into a downward spiral, and I took my eye off the ball. I started gaining more and more weight during these last years and could not motivate myself to diet. My weight shot up to an all-time high of 16st 1lb size 24/26 and a BMI of 37. I struggled to get up the stairs without my knees giving out and getting out of breath. I felt very down, allowing myself to get this big, but I just couldn’t get out of the vicious circle, so I buried my head in the sand.

My headspace has to be in the right place for me to concentrate on the discipline for me to succeed with a diet, so what with feeling very low, all my attempts of dieting floundered. Then covid hit, and I gained even more weight eating and drinking all the wrong things. Then one morning in April last year, I decided enough is enough and having used Slim & Save before with very successful results, I placed my first order. I knew I was in for a long journey, so seeing weight coming off week by week, as you do on this diet, that’s what keeps me going. I find it easy to follow, not having to count calories etc. All the replacement meals are great and tasty, and knowing that you are still doing it, healthily makes it perfect. I took up exercise, keeping up my steps every day so that even more calories were burnt off.

So fast forward… After 41 weeks, I have reached my goal of 10st, size 12, BMI 23. This means I have lost 85lb and dropped six sizes……I FEEL GREAT………YAY!!

No more struggling getting up the stairs and getting out of breath. I have much more energy and feel much healthier, and even if I say it myself, it’s given me the confidence to say I look great!! I’ve got back into all my old clothes, which feels like a new wardrobe.

This week I’ve taken my foot off the pedal, and I’m finding my maintenance level. So far, so good.

Thanks Slim & Save; I couldn’t have done it without you xx

Vanessa H