Victoria Dillon Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, my name is Victoria. I started Slim & Save at just over 10 and a half stone, with the aim of reaching 7.7st (my weight for my wedding in 2012) but felt happy in my body at 8st so this is where I plan to stay. I have followed a TFR plan before and through reverting back to old habits and depression I gained the weight back. I took a little longer reaching my goal this time due to planned breaks and unplanned breaks (ooops!!).

It was hard to get back on board so I would advise avoid falling off the wagon at all costs! ☺ I am heading into maintenance plan now and I am determined to keep the weight down and manageable. I LOVE this “diet”, the packs & bars are delicious and I intend on continuing to use them whilst following 5:2.

If you are questioning whether to start this plan or not I say “do it”, it is the greatest gift you will give yourself .. happiness, health, strength and a new outlook on life. Best of luck and keep reminding yourself that this is for you .. you CAN do this xx

Victoria Dillon