Yvonne R Weight Loss Success Story

I lived in the Outer Hebrides with my husband. On the 27th of July 2019, he told me our marriage of 26 years was over. I moved to Huddersfield, my home town in August 2019 to be closer to family. I couldn’t settle in Huddersfield, and friends offered me an apartment in Skipton. I spent lockdown living with dear friends just outside Skipton waiting for the apartment to be ready.

Something had to change; I have an autoimmune disease and cervical and lumbar spine problems. Emotionally I was a wreck, and that had shown in my eating pattern, I was either binging or not eating at all. So, when I moved in with my friends in Skipton on the 12th of March, I decided that it would be the beginning of my fresh start, starting with my weight. My slim and save journey began on Friday the 13th of March, I weighed in at 14stones, not that great for my height of 5ft 6″ or my health.