Yvonne R Weight Loss Success Story

I lived in the Outer Hebrides with my husband. On the 27th of July 2019, he told me our marriage of 26 years was over. I moved to Huddersfield, my home town in August 2019 to be closer to family. I couldn’t settle in Huddersfield, and friends offered me an apartment in Skipton. I spent lockdown living with dear friends just outside Skipton waiting for the apartment to be ready.

Something had to change; I have an autoimmune disease and cervical and lumbar spine problems. Emotionally I was a wreck, and that had shown in my eating pattern, I was either binging or not eating at all. So, when I moved in with my friends in Skipton on the 12th of March, I decided that it would be the beginning of my fresh start, starting with my weight. My slim and save journey began on Friday the 13th of March, I weighed in at 14stones, not that great for my height of 5ft 6″ or my health.

I started on the simplicity plan; I stuck to shakes, soups and 1 bar a day rigidly, I was so focused it was scary! I did not cheat once in 20 weeks and enjoyed the week 13 break from total food replacement, then got straight back on it.

The week 13 break isn’t to be feared, all you are doing is upping your calories slightly for a week by adding 300grms of vegetables from the allowed list, two pieces of fruit and 1pt of semi-skimmed milk or a mix of semi-skimmed milk and yogurt.

The first 4/5 days can be challenging until you get into ketosis, but my determination and focus saw me through. I lost each week apart from week 13 when I stayed the same and didn’t even flinch when my friends brought fish and chips home!

Only a few people knew what I was up to during lockdown; I decided to keep it a secret. My friends I was living with were so supportive it was amazing and would wait with bated breath every Friday, which was my weigh day, to see what I had lost.

My original target was 9st 10lbs, but on Friday 31st July-my 20 week mark I weighed in at 9st 13lbs and decided that was it, I was happy with how I looked and felt, but who knows I may still get myself to 9st 10lbs at some point!

I am now maintaining at 10st size 10/12, and my starting size was 18/20. I am maintaining a ketogenic way of eating because of the health benefits, and it is working for me. I still can’t believe it sometimes and always comes as a shock when I see myself in a mirror!

Yvonne R