Zoe Learmouth Weight Loss Success Story

I have been big for as long as I can remember and have been struggling to loose weight for the past 7 years. I have tried every diet under the sun, never being able to stick with them for more than a month and never getting anywhere. The last 1.5 years, I had turned into a recluse, never wanting to go out, refusing to eat in restaurants for the fear everyone was looking at me and turning down every social outing invite me and my husband received as I would never have anything to wear and couldn’t bare to look in the shops. My health was suffering also, some days I could hardly walk due to the pain in my knees and my polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) was getting worse by the month.

I was trapped in a vicious circle of crying into my pillow and overeating to make myself feel better. On 1st May, I decided that Slim and Save was my final hope and if it didn’t work, well it didn’t bare thinking about. I ordered a months worth and haven’t looked back. I have just had my 12 week weigh in and have lost 4 stone in 12 weeks. I still have 3 stone to go but I know I can do and will do it with slim and save. I am happy, outgoing, practically beg for invites out and am already planning my Christmas party outfit, an occasion which sparked fear and dread in me for so many years. I am so so thankful to slim and save, they have saved my life in more ways than they will ever know. Not only that but I have no knee pain at all!

I am so unbelievably happy and a complete different person to the one who was crying into her pillow 12 weeks ago. If you are thinking about it, do it, you will never look back, I know I won’t.

Zoe Learmouth